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Hour of Power

  • How to get up to 20% of your power for free: 20 top tips

    Set the timer

    As an Electric Kiwi customer, you’ll receive a free 60mins of electricity, 365 days a year. It’s a savings booster we call it the Hour of Power, and it gives you the ability to cut your power bill even more.
    During this hour, all electricity is 100% free. By using the Hour of Power some customers are chopping hundreds off their annual power costs - with some savvy users receiving up to 20% for free. 

    How you do it is easy.

    Maximising your free power - a how-to guide

    First up is to select your free hour. The off peak time slots are between 9am-5pm and 9pm-7am every day.  With a bit of planning, your hour can be maximised whether you're at home, out and about, at work or even asleep. 

    3 easy tips to kick your free power savings off:

    1. Get a timer or use your appliances’ in-built timers – This a must do! Plug-in appliance timers start from under $5 for a simple version, or you can get wifi gadgets such as the WeMo switch, which allow you to turn on and off appliances from anywhere via an app.
    2. Washing machine  - set the timer or turn on during your free hour
    3. Dishwasher- set the timer or turn on during your free hour

    If you did those last two just 5 times a week, you’re already getting 10% of your power for free. Nice! Keen to save even more? How about:

    4. Dryer- set a timer or turn on during your free hour.
    5. Dehumidifier – set a timer or turn on during your free hour.
    6. Charge devices - plug in phones, tablets, laptops (don’t forget to switch off at the wall once you’re done).
    7. Take a shower or a bath – hot water heating is a major source of electricity use.
    8. Vaccuming – more fun when the power’s free (hey, we’re trying to find a positive!)
    9. Ironing – Ditto.
    10. Cooking – bake, or get tonight’s dinner on the go.
    11. TV – sometimes we all need a little break from the kids/work/chores.
    12. Heat pump/heaters - get the house toasty before the kids get home from school.
    13. Heat panels – get the bedrooms toasty before bed.
    14. Electric blanket – warm up before you snuggle down.
    15. DIY – charge up power tools or plug in and get reno-ing.
    16. Gardening – use for electric hedge trimmers and lawnmowers.
    17. Spa/pool – set the pump timer to maximise your free hour.
    18. Fans – cool down your room on those humid summer evenings.
    19. Christmas/party lights – get festive for free.
    20. Have a drink on us – power up your juicer, coffee machine, nutri-ninja, or blender on the house.