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  • Electric Kiwi in the media: and Radio NZ

    Electric Kiwi logo

    “Electric Kiwi is different” says an article in – yep, we sure are!

    We’re independent. Electric Kiwi is the smaller, smarter power company.

    Read about our launch on

    Online electricity retailer offers customers free power

    And if you've got a spare minute and 18 seconds, take a listen to our Managing Director Julian Kardos talk to Radio New Zealand about how Electric Kiwi’s free Hour of Power works:

    New electricity retailer offers free hour of power

  • Electric Kiwi in the Bay of Plenty Times

    bop times

    The Bay of Plenty Times has published a great article about checking your power deal via

    By comparing prices on for an average Tauranga family, Electric Kiwi was found to be right up there among the cheapest providers. We're really pleased with this result and believe the average cost for our Tauranga customers is likely to be even lower - here's why:

    Powerswitch prices are provided by electricity companies, and checked by the Powerswitch team.

    The Powerswitch calculations (provided before Electric Kiwi was launched) are based on an Electric Kiwi customer receiving 4% of their electricity for free through their 'Hour of Power' - a free 60 minutes of power all of our customers receive every day.

    Now that Electric Kiwi is up and running, we’re finding that our customers are receiving on average 7% of their electricity for free by making use of their Hour of Power - with some customers up to 15%.

    A 7% saving is the equivalent of running your washing machine and dishwasher during your Hour of Power just a few times a week.

    By reminding and encouraging our customers to use their Hour of Power, we hope that on average customers will be receiving up to 10% of their power for free soon.

    We also know that when deciding whether to switch electricity companies there are other factors than price to take into account.

    Electric Kiwi’s ‘naked electricity’ offer was created to give our customers more power over their bills – that means up front low prices, no contracts, only paying for the power you actually use, and super-efficient online customer service.

    The Bay of Plenty Times article is below:
    Power prices - how much can you save?

  • Electric Kiwi on the Paul Henry Show

    paul henry

    Electric Kiwi’s Hour of Power was front and centre in a story about innovative power offers on TV3’s Paul Henry Show last week. Consumer NZ’s Sue Chetwin talked about how the Hour of Power was not only good for saving money – but good for the country as well.

    Check out the show here: Consumer NZ's best power tips

  • Electric Kiwi in - the 100% online electricity company

    Julian Kardos
    Electric Kiwi's managing director Julian Kardos talks free power and doing electricity a "smarter way" with international power news website

    Selling power in New Zealand: The 100% online retailer

  • Electric Kiwi in the Whakatane Beacon

    We're proud to now be able to offer our great value electricity in the place where it all began - Whakatane.

    This is something of a homecoming as the three founding partners in Electric Kiwi  - Julian, Huia and Phill - all grew up together in this great little town.

    What's more, Powerswitch has ranked Electric Kiwi as the cheapest of all power companies in the area - an extra reason for us to cheer.
    Our managing director Julian Kardos spoke to the Whakatane Beacon about bringing cheaper power to locals and why it's good news for the area - whether you plan to be a customer of ours or not!

    Click on the link below to read the article:
    Electric Kiwi brings cheaper power

  • Electric Kiwi in the NBR

    Our managing director Julian Kardos talks with Jenny Ruth from the National Business Review about the launch of Electric Kiwi and how we plan to deliver the best value electricity in the market.

    New electricity retailer offers 'naked' power

  • Electric Kiwi in Idealog magazine

    Idealog takes a look at the new generation of technology-focused electricity providers "riding in on the cloud with an iPad in their scabbard" - including an interview with Electric Kiwi's Julian Kardos.

    Smart Power

  • Smart Meters Power Smart Savings in Counties - Manukau Courier

    Manukau Courier Article on Electric Kiwi

    Check out our latest write up in Thursday's Manukau Courier (re-published below):

    Smart Meters Power Smart Savings in Counties

    Franklin district electricity lines company Counties Power has during the past few years invested in ~30,000 household smart meters. This means 87 per cent of homes in the area now have one.

    The cost to Counties Power is likely to be more than $4.5 million. However, until now, households in the area have been unable to reap the rewards (and savings) smart meters can provide.

    Smart meters can help power companies deliver innovative services to New Zealand homes, but they're under-utilised by the big power companies.

    Fortunately new companies such as Electric Kiwi are now making smart meters work for their customers. They are providing Kiwi families with more choice and better savings on their power bills – on average, Electric Kiwi customers saved 18 per cent off their bills during the recent winter months.

    With Electric Kiwi launching this month in Pukekohe and the Franklin district, the entire Counties Manukau area can now access the same great deals.

    “We’re delighted to be able to provide affordable power to more regions and we’re thrilled to now also enter the Counties market,” says Electric Kiwi managing director Julian Kardos.

    Electric Kiwi has developed super-efficient systems and processes which make it less costly to provide electricity. Because Electric Kiwi is 100 per cent online, it has made it easy for customers to change power suppliers online.

    Kardos says smart meters, which are installed in around 70 per cent of all Kiwi households nationwide, are at the heart of Electric Kiwi’s ability to keep costs lower. He says Electric Kiwi is so confident its customers will save in the first year, it’s guaranteed.

    “Extra information provided by smart meters enables Electric Kiwi to analyse customers’ power use and create a more efficient billing platform that differentiates between time periods in a day,” Kardos says.

    “We can then optimise customer savings and deliver low power prices every day of the year. Electric Kiwi also provides more savings to all customers with a free off-peak ‘Hour of Power’ where all electricity used during that one hour is free. Some customers save an additional 20 per cent or more on their bill, over and above everyday low prices.

    “Running the washing machine, the dishwasher and other power hungry appliances during the free ‘Hour of Power’ is an easy way to increase your power savings each day,” says Kardos. “A few simple changes to when you start appliances can help achieve great savings.”

    If you would like to take control and unlock your savings potential head to and find out more.

    This article first appeared in Manukau Courier on 17th November 2017

  • We're in the age of customer power - NZBusiness

    Julian Kardos - Electric Kiwi

    Electric Kiwi's managing director Julian Kardos talks to about how new technologies are enabling a new breed of customer pleasing businesses: 

    We’re in the midst of a technology-driven change of such significance that it’s being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution – and while it is technology that is driving change, it isn’t technology which is at the centre of focus. Instead, it is you, the customer.

    Technology is putting more power in your hands: power to choose, power to control, and power to manage.

    That technology is as obvious as the smartphone in your hand, but it extends much further. Behind the device is an online world of computing power and clever software (in some cases, quite literally clever, as advances are being made in predictive analytics and artificial intelligence) which enables things like Siri to work. That technology was once exceptionally expensive and limited to the very few. Today, it is so accessible that it is given away to consumers for free, through the likes of Google services.

    Continue reading The age of customer power article from

  • Rain-soaked summer may be blessing for power bills - article

    Susan Edmunds in writes about how the rain we've had this summer may be a blessing for power bills: 

    The hydrolakes are now at good levels, meaning generators are unlikely to have to rely on more expensive generation, from non-renewable sources, to meet demand.

    "The hydrolakes are tracking well above average storage levels for this time of year," said Electricity Authority chief executive Carl Hansen.

    "Such a high level of hydro storage for the start of 2017 means more expensive generation may not have to operate as often, and is currently leading to low prices for wholesale electricity contracts for 2017.
    Now is a very good time for consumers to look for electricity retailers offering sharp prices which will help consumers to save money on their power bill."

    Electric Kiwi managing director Julian Kardos said his firm had no plans to raise prices this year for loyal customers.
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  • Households told to shop around for better power deal as prices rise -

    Save in your first year. Guaranteed.

    Check pricing and join today. article - Households told to shop around for better power deal as prices rise

    It's that time of year where power companies consider increasing the price of power to their customers. 

    A recent article in by Susan Edmunds suggests if you're not happy with your retailer and their pricing it's easy to switch.

    Households are being warned: Get set for power price increases.

    Lines companies around the country review their prices each year on April 1. That is often a catalyst for the retailers to hike their own.

    Vector, the lines company that serves much of Auckland, is raising the average distribution component of its prices by 0.8 per cent. Wellington and Christchurch's distributors are yet to reveal their plans.

    Luke Blincoe, chief executive of Electric Kiwi, said his firm would not pass on any increases in lines company charges. He said the increases this year were small, and the company would look at how to better leverage data and technology to absorb the cost.

    Continue reading Households told to shop around for better power deal as prices rise article from

    Check Pricing and Join Today

  • Winners of Customer Service Award

    We’re very happy to announce Canstar Blue has awarded Electric Kiwi the 2017 Most Satisfied Customers Award – Electricity Providers.

    A big ‘THANK YOU’ to all our customers who have made this possible, we couldn’t have done this without your support.

    Each year, Canstar Blue asks thousands of electricity customers to rate their retailer on key criteria. This year twelve different retailers feature in the results with Electric Kiwi coming out on top.

    Electricity retailers were reviewed and compared on factors such as customer service, value for money and overall customer satisfaction. Canstar Blue ratings


    Electric Kiwi, achieved the maximum five-star reviews in five out of six criteria as well as five-star with overall customer satisfaction.

    Chief Executive, Luke Blincoe, says “Electric Kiwi is delighted to have won the Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers Award. It’s clear proof that consumers are looking for innovative solutions and becoming more discerning about the quality of experience they expect from their energy provider.

    We’re really proud of the way our team has made our customers advocates of the Electric Kiwi brand by delivering an exceptional customer experience, and it’s great to see how much customers love Electric Kiwi - so thanks to our team and our customers who have made this possible.”


    If you’re interested in guaranteed savings, no contracts, awesome online service and one hour of free power every day, then join Electric Kiwi – Rated #1 for Customer Satisfaction.

  • Electric Kiwi has won a 2018 Peoples Choice Award from Consumer NZ

    Winners of a 2018 Peoples Choice Award from Consumer NZ

    Electric Kiwi has won a 2018 People’s Choice Award from Consumer NZ.

    “Making our customers happy is the reason we turn up to work” says Electric Kiwi CEO Luke Blincoe.

    “We are working hard to do better and better all the time. We have a small team, but we are all very driven to make a difference for our customers”

    In the Consumer NZ survey Electric Kiwi had 65% of its customers reporting that they were very satisfied. “We are proud to get the award, but working hard to do even better next year” says Luke.

    Electric Kiwi is New Zealand’s fastest growing Electricity company, and has just released a new smartphone app that allows customers to manage their account from their phones.

    If you are not yet a customer, and you like the sound of guaranteed savings, no contracts and an hour of free off-peak power every day, you can join Electric Kiwi now.