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  • Too easy: How to join Electric Kiwi in 2mins

    easy switch

    When starting Electric Kiwi we knew that many people put switching electricity providers in the ‘too hard’ box. In doing so they were missing out on big savings.

    Which is why we’ve made switching to Electric Kiwi a very simple job that takes only a few minutes.

    And it’s all done entirely online, so you can make the switch any time you like.

    Plus, we contact your current provider so you don't have to!

    Switch to Electric Kiwi in 2 minutes

    1. Enter a few personal, address and billing details into our website. Yep, that’s it. Then just sit back while we take care of the rest.

    2. We notify your current provider, and the switch process can take anywhere between 3 and 10 business days. (Don’t worry - your electricity remains connected throughout this time).

    3. We then notify you of when the switch is completed. From that point your online account is active and you can begin to take advantage of your free Hour of Power.

    Enter your address to see your low rates and join us.

  • Moving? We've made it that little bit easier.

    moving house

    For many people, it’s only in the (often stressful) throes of moving house they think about switching electricity providers.

    Any time is a good time to save money - and you don't need to wait until you're jugglign moving boxes, mail redirections and mates who owe you a favour.

    But if you are doing the moving thing, the good news is that switching your power to Electric Kiwi is quick, easy and takes just a few minutes online.

    How to move to Electric Kiwi in 2 minutes

    Grab a credit card or your bank account number and fill in Electric Kiwi’s simple online forms. And that’s your end done.

    We contact your current provider and organise the switch from your current provider to Electric Kiwi on your behalf.

    It takes anywhere between 3 and 10 working days to complete - don't worry the power will stay on at your old and new place during this time.

    We send you an email to let you know the switch is complete. From that point you can start using your online account and, even better, your free daily Hour of Power.

    If you're a current customer that's moving home, all you need to do to keep Electric Kiwi connected at your new place is fill in the Moving Home form in your online account.

  • Christchurch households switching on to free power

    Christchurch Mail

    We've recently started advertising in Christchurch to get the word out about Electric Kiwi and the free Hour of Power! Around 90% of homes in the city on the Orion network have a smart meter, which means lots of you can connect with us and get a free 60mins of off-peak electricity every day.

    (To quickly check if you've got a smart meter, just enter your address on our homepage)

    We started connecting to homes in Christchurch and all around the country in May (to see if we're in your area click here) By making the most of their Hour of Power, our customers around the country are saving up to 15% on their bills.

    Below is our advertorial in the Christchurch Mail that explains how.

    Christchurch households switching on to free power

    Christchurch households are switching on to new technology designed to reduce power bills.

    Using the half-hourly digital readings from smart meters, online power company has developed a product called the Hour of Power - a free hour of off-peak electricity every day for every customer.

    “The Hour of Power is a really simple way to cut your power bill by changing when you use power,” said managing director Julian Kardos.

    “The electricity we need for our morning and night routines can’t really be shifted to another time. But particularly with appliances, there are changes you can make.”

    “Making no change to the way you use power, the Hour of Power will chop around 4% off your bill. But customers who choose to shift other energy use into this free hour - such as setting a timer for the washing machine and dishwasher to go – are saving between 10-15%.”

    “The Hour of Power also helps to reduce peak load on the network by encouraging people to consume power when it’s mostly renewable – so it’s good for the country as well.”

    Kardos said over a quarter of Electric Kiwi’s customers were from Christchurch, and as a group, they had higher than average Hour of Power savings.

    “Electricity Authority data shows that Christchurch has some of the highest average residential electricity use in the country, so it’s not surprising our customers here are actively using tools that help reduce their bills.”

    Latest figures show 62 percent of all households now have a smart meter, which record a household’s electricity consumption every half hour. It is expected the majority of residential properties in New Zealand will have a smart meter installed in the next few years.

    One of the newest power brands in the country, was “not your traditional power company,” said Kardos.

    “We connect, bill and communicate with our customers all online, and pass on those operational savings through lower power prices.”

    “This means no call centre - all customer support is done through Live Chat and email. It’s not for everyone, but it is how our customers prefer to get in touch.” launched to the public in May.

  • We won't slow you down: Awesome (non-robotic) ways to get in touch

    Awesome online service
    We know there’s oh, probably about 6 million things you’d rather do than spend time talking to your power company. We get it.

    That’s why we’ve ditched a call centre for awesome online service.

    Awesome online service is quick, convenient, personalised and means you don’t have to interrupt what you’re doing to hang on hold listening to painful music or a droning list of menu items.

    Online service brings us unobtrusively to where you are – whether it’s via desktop when you’re at work, through mobile phones when you’re on the go, or on a tablet when you’re on the couch.

    We’ve got three options – Live Chat, online message forms and email.

    For those who fear robots are taking over the world, don’t worry – all our Chats and emails are penned by real people right here in our head office.

    Below are three quick ‘n easy online ways to get in touch with Electric Kiwi:

    Live Chat:

    During business hours you can Live Chat with us at any time.

    Simply click on the Live Chat icon which will appear on the bottom right of every page of our website. Pop in your enquiry and we’ll respond in real time.

    Online message form:

    If you’re in more (or less) of a hurry, click on Contact Us at the top of our website pages and fill in the message form. We’ll get back to you asap and within one business day. (If you’re a customer, you can send us a support message directly from your account page).


    You’re always welcome to email us at again, we’ll respond asap and within a working day.

    And don’t forget….FAQs:

    The answer you’re looking for could be at your fingertips. Another very quick way to get information is through our FAQs. We’ve compiled over 50 commonly asked questions to all things electricity and Electric Kiwi related.

    Don't worry - we’re not anti-phone!

    Please know, while Electric Kiwi may not have a call centre for customer support, we will pick up the phone to call you if and when needed.

    Also, for power outages there are specific numbers to call dependent on the area you live in. Information on who to call can be found on our Contact Us page.

  • Axe photography and ironing: How Escape Plan are making the most of free power

    Escape Plan

    We love hearing about the different ways our customers are using their free daily Hour of Power. Check out how Kiwi start-up Escape Plan is making the most of theirs:

    Meet Escape Plan

    Escape Plan is an online store selling high quality men’s streetwear and outdoor brands to the world from Auckland, from great New Zealand brands like Huffer to top quality outdoors gear from The North Face.

    These kindred entrepreneurial spirits are good friends of ours, and we’ve been powering up their office/HQ since April 2014.

    Escape Plan was started by three mates passionate about the outdoors and escaping the daily grind. From t-shirts to axes, the Escape Plan team curate a hand-picked selection of local and international gear for any adventure – whether it’s a weekend road-trip or 5 day hike into the back of beyond.

    Just like Electric Kiwi, they’re out to give their customers a better deal and awesome online service. They’re out to do good too – every sale on Escape Plan supports Oxfam’s awesome work, by donating the value of giving clean drinking water to someone in the Pacific.

    Not quite your typical Hour of Power...

    Escape Plan’s chosen free daily Hour of Power is 2-3pm. 365 days a year, all power used by the business during this hour is absolutely free. Between 2-3pm, the team can be found charging cameras and devices, or powering up lightboxes and studio lights to carefully photograph new products. They also flick on the iron to get any clothing that needs shooting that day looking its best.

    “It’s important we get the very best quality high-res shots for our website, so our customers can see exactly what they’re buying,” explains Escape Plan founder Alan.

    At the same time, all the usual power needed to keep their HQ and business ticking over (computers, lights, fridge, music, toastie machines etc) is free during their Hour of Power.

    What they say:

    “Being with Electric Kiwi has been awesome for us," says Alan. "Like most businesses we run a tight ship when it comes to cash, and their sharp rates and great customer service have meant we’re investing our time and money into our customers rather than worrying about the bills. Plus we get the kicker of free electricity for an hour every day – which gets the finance team seal of approval!” 

  • Hello Whakatane! We’re bringing electricity home

    Electric Kiwi partners

    We are super chuffed to announce we’ve launched into a new region – Whakatane and the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

    Whakatane holds a pretty special spot in our hearts as it’s the hometown of the founders of Electric Kiwi.

     Julian, Huia, and Phill all grew up in this awesome town and went to Whakatane High School together there.

    Which gave us even more reason to do high fives when we saw that that independent price comparison website Powerswitch has ranked Electric Kiwi as the best value power deal in the area.

    You can do a direct comparison with your current power deal by using our quick Bill Compare tool – all you need is a recent bill.

    Connecting to electricity with the smaller, smarter power company

    You need to have a smart meter to sign up to Electric Kiwi’s low prices.

    Specialist metering companies have installed these in around 70% of Kiwi homes so far – though unfortunately the number is lower in Whakatane. However, the plan is to have nearly every home in NZ kitted out in the next few years. So if you don’t have one yet, hold tight!

    The easiest way to find out whether you have a smart meter is to go to our homepage and enter your address – a message will pop up immediately to let you know whether you have one.

    Why only smart meters?

    We’d love to have everyone on board, but there’s two very good reasons we need you to have a smart meter:

    1. Maximising the technology behind smart meters helps Electric Kiwi to run a very efficient operation – all pretty boring, except it means we can deliver low electricity prices to you all.
    2. Smart meters record a household’s power use every half hour, so we use this information to provide our customers with extra savings through their Hour of Power – a free 60mins of electricity every day for every customer. On average our customers receive around 8-10% of their power for free, just by using electricity during their free hour.

    If you’ve got any questions about whether you can join Electric Kiwi, check out our FAQs or just drop our friendly team a line via Live Chat (see the purple box on the bottom right of this page), request a call back (click on the phone icon on this page) or email

  • We're on a mission...

    Electric Kiwi partners

    When you’re new, you’ve got to be better. That’s our belief anyway.

    Electric Kiwi is the independent online power company that has been helping Kiwis save money on power since May 2015.

    We’re here shake up the status quo – to use smart technology to make power cheaper, smarter and simpler for Kiwis. We’re here to keep the big power companies on their toes – and we think that’s a good thing, whether you decide to become a customer of ours or not!

    So who is Electric Kiwi?

    Electric Kiwi was started by Julian Kardos, Phillip Anderson and Huia Burt. The three friends and now workmates met back at Whakatane High School in the 90s before embarking on careers in technology and energy industries. Two years ago, they joined forces to begin working out a plan for a new generation power retailer – one that could maximise smart technology, digital metering and online systems to provide customers with low power prices every day, and innovative ways to boost their savings. And it’s happening: here’s 3 ways how:

    1. Over $200 average savings

    • Over the last 8 months since we started taking on customers, our Bill Compare calculator has shown that our customers are saving on average $230 a year – and some much more – by joining Electric Kiwi.

    2. Up to 20% free power

    • Our customers are boosting their savings with an innovation we call the Hour of Power – a free 60 minutes of off-peak power every customer receives every day. On average, Electric Kiwi customers are receiving 9% of their power for free, just by using electricity and running appliances during their free hour. Customers who are actively shifting more of their electricity use into the Hour of Power are getting 15- 20% (and even more!) of their power for free.

    3. No waiting on hold

    • We’re providing awesome online service from our customer service team of friendly power experts. Our Live Chat, email, support messaging, social media and call back options cater to how you want to get in touch, and get any queries sorted quick smart.

    We’re excited for 2016. We’ll be working to make your power experience better, cheaper and introducing more Kiwi families to the Electric Kiwi difference.

  • 3 ways we’re using smart technology to save you money

    Smart technology

    We started Electric Kiwi because we saw a gap for a power company that could maximise smart technology to save New Zealanders money on their electricity bills.

    Smart (or digital) electricity meters had been around for a while (in major urban areas up to 90% of homes have one) but few power companies had taken up the challenge to do anything smart with them. We thought we could change that.

    To kick things off, we built our IT systems from scratch, so we knew they’d be agile, super-efficient, and specific to our customers’ needs.

    That was just the start. Now we’re using smart technology to help our customers save money (and time) every day – here’s three ways how:

    1. Looking out for you

    Your smart meter records your household’s power consumption every 30 minutes. We then make this data available within your account so you can analyse your usage and make more informed choices about your consumption.

    2. Boosting your savings

    This extra information on power consumption means we can also provide incentives for people to use power when it’s cheaper “off peak” – times when the nation is using less power as a whole. So we established the free daily Hour of Power for every customer at a useful “off peak” time, to help them boost their savings even more.

    3. Awesome online service options

    No one wants to wait on hold – or wait by the letterbox for their bill. Electric Kiwi customers have a personalised online account which holds all their billing and power use information down to the half-hour. Our Live Chat, email, social and call back options mean our team of friendly experts can sort our customers’ queries asap while they get on with their day.

  • Choose when you pay - you asked and Electric Kiwi listened.

    Smart technology allows Electric Kiwi’s service to quickly evolve to suit your needs. In a recent customer survey, you said you wanted more flexible payment options so we delivered just that!

    Customers used to pay every month but now you can choose to pay monthly, fortnightly and even weekly to suit your lifestyle.

    Any new customer who signs up with Electric Kiwi will default to a fortnightly direct debit from either your bank account or credit/debit card.

    After you have received your first bill you will then have the flexibility to change how often you pay your bill and you can even choose the day of the week or month when the money leaves your account!

    We’ve made it really simple so you can choose when you pay through your online account – check out how in this quick, step-by-step video: 

    if you need a hand along the way, simply drop us a line through email or live chat and our awesome online service team will get you sorted.

  • Top tips for cutting down your autumn power bill

    Check out Electric Kiwi's top 5 tips for cutting down your autumn power bill:

    5 Top Tips for Cutting Down Your Power Bill

    Start saving with Electric Kiwi - We're the smaller, smarter power company with everyday low prices, no contracts and a free off-peak Hour of Power.

    Check Pricing and Join Today

  • Have a crack at our ad and win a years free power

    Have a crack at our ad and win

    Here is your challenge. Re-make our Fresh Electrons TV ad and you will go in the draw to win a years free power.

    The winner will be decided by a combination of comments supporting you on Facebook and an Electric Kiwi staff vote.

    Here’s how it works
    • We are not expecting this to be flash, just grab your phone and shoot it.
    • You do not have to have any props, or keep 100% to the script. Have some fun with it.
    • Upload your video to our Facebook page (either directly or by sharing a YouTube of Vimeo link)
    • Share the post with your friends and ask them to comment on that post. The comments contribute 50% to you winning!
    • The winner gets a years free power (up to a value of $3,000)

    • Entries must be in by Sunday August 12th 2018
    • Comments will not be counted after August 26th 2018
    • The winner will be announced around August 31st 2018

    The ad:
    Here is the original ad

    The rules
    • No professionals. This is a competition for amateurs.
    • Entry is open to NZ residents and citizens.
    • You have to be a customer to claim the prize (you can join to do this).
    • Videos must not be longer that 45 seconds.
    • Your ad may not include defamatory content, offensive language, sexual content, discrimination against any individual or group.
    • Please make sure you own the rights to any material you post. As a general rule if you didn't make it don't use it.
    • We reserve the right to reject any ad in our sole discretion. Related to this, we should make it clear that we are the only people who can approve ads.
    • Please do not get bots to comments on your post. Fake looking comments will lead to disqualification.
    • For full terms see here.

    Hints on how to win
    • Watch the ad and download the script
    • You don’t need to keep to the script, but try to get the general idea across (maybe your farmer is a fisherman, maybe the kid is the adult and the adult is the kid – feel free to mix it up)
    • Be funny and light hearted
    • Shoot your video landscape
    • You do not need to cover the whole ad if you don’t want to
    • Get your friends to comment

    How to upload your video

    We ask that you upload your video to our Facebook page

    • Go to our Facebook page:
    • Either paste the link from your YouTube video into the “Write a post” section OR
    • Press the Photo/Video button and upload your video directly

    How to post

    Supporting Material

    Click here to download a zip file with some artwork/logos. Note that these are extra materials in case you want them.

    How the points will work:
    • 100 points will go to the video with the most supporting comments
    • Every other video will get their relative share of 100 points (e.g. if the highest number of comments was 200 and your video got 100 then you will get 50 points)
    • Your video will get a rating out of 100 by Electric Kiwi staff
    • The two scores are added together
    • The video with the most points wins

    If you have any other questions send us a message at or send us a message on Facebook.