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Meet our team

  • 2 minutes with Julian

    Julian Kardos

    We thought it was about time we introduced ourselves properly. First up is Julian, our managing director. Along with Phill and Huia (who you’ll meet in future blogs), he’s one of the three founding partners of Electric Kiwi.

    What's your background?

    "I grew up in Whakatane in the Bay of Plenty, and went to Whakatane High School with Phill and Huia.

    I headed on to Otago University and completed a PhD in Information Science, which was part completed in France.

    I've worked in software and marketing technology businesses in New Zealand, the US and Asia. Prior to starting up Electric Kiwi, I was in Asia for two years, managing a large scale software development centre.

    Having a lot of technology expertise in our team backed our decision to do away with old-school systems and custom-build our own digital open source power company from scratch."

    What made you decide to start up Electric Kiwi?

    "We saw a gap for a power company that could use technology to make electricity cheaper and simpler.

    We thought about everything that made being a power customer frustrating and tried to turn it on its head. So instead of waiting on hold in a call centre queue, we'd sort out customer queries with Live Chat and email. We made our pricing structure simple, and our bills easy to understand. We made switching a 2-minute job that you could do online. The other big one was no contracts, which keeps the pressure on us to make our customers happy."

    What makes Electric Kiwi different?

    "We're not a traditional power company. Being independent and all-online means our focus can be on innovation and using technology to provide customers lower power bills. Energy tech companies like Electric Kiwi are keeping the big power boys on their toes – and that’s a good thing, whether you're a customer of ours or not.”

    Random fact about yourself?

    "In 2006, Phill and I took a 6-months off working life to ride motorbikes from Capetown to London. It was epic!"

  • 2 minutes with Huia

    Huia Burt

    We have a chat with Huia, Electric Kiwi's Programme Director.

    What's your background?

    I'm a left-brained numbers person. I studied Engineering Science at the University of Auckland, my first job being a business risk consultant at Ernst and Young.

    I moved to Ireland in 2005 (the Celtic Tiger years!) where I worked for a hedge fund as an analyst and found I really enjoyed finance.

    When I got back to NZ, I landed a job with Mighty River Power in their risk and investment team, where I worked for six years.

    In early 2014, I joined Julian and Phill, who I've known since we were at high school in Whakatane, in helping to get Electric Kiwi off the ground - and here we are! It's definitely been one of my biggest professional achievements.

    Describe your role at Electric Kiwi

    As a start up we have a very flat structure, but my official title is programme manager. I spend around half my time managing IT projects related to optimising our business processes. The rest of the time I spend on strategic business projects.

    What do you like about working for a start up?

    Everything! I love the fact that we can make changes to the business so quickly and see immediate results. I also enjoy the challenger mentality, the can-do attitude and of course, working with a fantastic group of like-minded people.

    What's your hidden talent?

    I'm pretty handy at quizzes - I somehow manage to remember quite a lot of relatively useless general knowledge ranging from obscure capital cities to more shameful tidbits such as celebrity baby names.

  • 2 minutes with Bradford


    We have a quick chat with Bradford Stricker, Commercial Manager for Electric Kiwi.

    What’s your background?

    I’m a born and bred Wellingtonian, and studied Marketing & Management at Victoria.

    After a couple of years in the ​workforce​ I decided to ​head to Canada for a ski season,​ then on to London – where I lived on and off for 8 years working for hedge funds and asset management companies. I balanced this out with big breaks travelling through South America, India and Nepal.

    What do you do at Electric Kiwi?

    My official title is “Commercial Manager” and my role is pretty broad. I work on projects, help out anyone that needs it, test our systems, undertake business analysis, answer customer queries, and look for opportunities.​ 

    What do you like about working for a start-up?

    I like the innovative thinking, and the mentality of getting stuck in and helping out no matter what your role. Every day is different. Wearing shorts and jandals to work is also a plus!

    What’s for dinner?

    Scotch Fillet on the rarer side of medium rare with​ Braddels Mash (k​umara, pumpkin, cauliflower and broccoli),​steamed cavolo ​nero, kale and ​a sprinkling of ​Himalayan salt.

  • Who is the Mattrix?

    Matt Kardos

    Meet Matt - our tech guru, making sure your Electric Kiwi experience is smooth sailing 24/7.

    What do you do at Electric Kiwi?

    I wear a few hats here at Electric Kiwi. Technology is where I mainly sit and that includes helping with development, infrastructure, making sure that we are up and running 24/7, and troubleshooting.  I also help with marketing support where I can.

    What do you like about working at EK?

    I've worked at a few places and I think the difference with Electric Kiwi is the smart people that are involved. There is a healthy amount of banter that keeps things fresh, but also a commitment to hard work and getting the job done. This along with a great work environment, and view, makes it a pleasure to get up and to work in the morning. There is never the feeling of ‘urgg I have to work today.’

    What’s on the cards for 2016?

    We are about to release some exciting new products which I am looking forward to our customers experiencing. I have a trip to Noosa planned with the family in June which will be fun.