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    The Bay of Plenty Times has published a great article about checking your power deal via

    By comparing prices on for an average Tauranga family, Electric Kiwi was found to be right up there among the cheapest providers. We're really pleased with this result and believe the average cost for our Tauranga customers is likely to be even lower - here's why:

    Powerswitch prices are provided by electricity companies, and checked by the Powerswitch team.

    The Powerswitch calculations (provided before Electric Kiwi was launched) are based on an Electric Kiwi customer receiving 4% of their electricity for free through their 'Hour of Power' - a free 60 minutes of power all of our customers receive every day.

    Now that Electric Kiwi is up and running, we’re finding that our customers are receiving on average 7% of their electricity for free by making use of their Hour of Power - with some customers up to 15%.

    A 7% saving is the equivalent of running your washing machine and dishwasher during your Hour of Power just a few times a week.

    By reminding and encouraging our customers to use their Hour of Power, we hope that on average customers will be receiving up to 10% of their power for free soon.

    We also know that when deciding whether to switch electricity companies there are other factors than price to take into account.

    Electric Kiwi’s ‘naked electricity’ offer was created to give our customers more power over their bills – that means up front low prices, no contracts, only paying for the power you actually use, and super-efficient online customer service.

    The Bay of Plenty Times article is below:
    Power prices - how much can you save?