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Electricity Supply

  • Where does Electric Kiwi get electricity from?

    In simple terms, all of New Zealand’s electricity flows into Transpower’s network grid, no matter how the electricity is created or where it is created from. That means everyone in New Zealand is using renewable electricity from hydroelectric dams or wind turbines most of the time.

    Everyone has access to the same nationwide power source.

  • Is Electric Kiwi’s electricity any different?

    Electric Kiwi's electricity is delivered to your home on the same electricity grid the big guys use and is generated by the same power stations. The reliability of your electricity supply doesn’t change whether you are with Electric Kiwi or another retailer.

  • What happens if I generate my own electricity at home, can I be an Electric Kiwi customer?

    Yes. If you use your own generated electricity then you will only pay for the additional electricity you use in your home.

  • Does Electric Kiwi buy back electricity generated by solar on my premises?

    At present Electric Kiwi does not buy excess electricity generated by solar panels or other on-site systems, but if you have these services you can still be an Electric Kiwi customer.

  • Are there precautions I should take around the house to protect from electricity fluctuations?

    Sometimes due to either a planned our unplanned electricity outage, you may lose power at your property. Sometimes these interruptions can be momentary, or for a longer period of time, depending on what caused the outage.

    The lines companies work to fix these outages as soon as possible. See our contact us page for more details.

    These interruptions can cause fluctuations in your electricity supply that consequently may interfere with sensitive electronic equipment. Surge protectors and an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) device can help protect your electronic equipment. Additionally houses can be fitted with residual current devices and isolating transformers to minimise damage. During an outage, turn off your electronics to minimise the risk of damage once the power turns on. We recommend insurance to cover you for loss or damage due to electricity supply interruptions or fluctuations.

  • I'm planning a new smart meter installation for my house, and I am not an existing Electric Kiwi customer. Can I join Electric Kiwi?

    Electric Kiwi cannot connect new smart meters to your local lines company at this time. That means, if you have recently built a home, or are conducting renovations that require a 'new electricity connection' you will need to sign up with another power company first.

    If you already have a smart meter installed and operating with another power company today, then your good to go right now.

    Just drop us a line if in doubt.