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Rates and Pricing

  • How can Electric Kiwi offer cheaper electricity?

    Electric Kiwi is in the business of saving customers money. We’re a new power company that’s smaller and smarter.

    We've invested in technology to analyse power consumption data every 30 minutes, that lets us buy smarter and pass the savings on to you.

  • How much does Electric Kiwi electricity cost?

    The best way to find out power prices for your property is to enter your address here.

  • Do Electric Kiwi rates include or exclude GST?

    Electric Kiwi want to make it easy for you, no complicated discounts or hidden costs. All pricing is upfront and it'll show you both the inclusive and exclusive GST rates for easy comparison.

    We've nothing to hide.

  • Will my electricity pricing change?

    Electric Kiwi provides the lowest cost electricity possible to our customers.Delivering electricity to a property incurs network, metering and regulatory charges plus the cost of the electricity itself. As an electricity retailer, Electric Kiwi pay all these costs on behalf of our customers.

    The largest proportion of these costs are network charges.

    These are Government regulated and change each year on the 1st of April. Accordingly, Electric Kiwi's rates are likely to change around this time too.

    If Electric Kiwi adjust rates, we'll give you plenty of notice and be clear about the reason for the change. Don't worry, sometimes a rate change may mean your rates go down. Electric Kiwi will pass any savings directly to you.

  • Why does Electric Kiwi charge $4.99 to my credit/debit card or bank account as soon as I switch?

    To ensure we have your payment details correct, as soon as your switched to Electric Kiwi we’ll deduct $4.99 from your account the next business day. But don’t worry! We then credit your first bill the $4.99.

  • Why does Electric Kiwi charge an additional fee to use credit/debit card, but not for direct debit?

    Unfortunately credit/debit card companies charge us a whopping fee for each transaction. To keep our electricity prices low, credit/debit card payment incurs a 1.5% surcharge on top of your bill.

    We recommend Direct Debit as there is no additional surcharge.

  • Are there additional costs if I request Electric Kiwi to do something special?

    There are additional costs if you request Electric Kiwi to do something special. The list below outlines these service costs (incl GST).

    Bond   -   $145
    Site visit   -   $70
    On site disconnection   -   $70
    Smart meter disconnection   -   $20
    On site reconnection   -   $70
    Smart meter reconnection   -   $20
    Smart meter test   -   $145
    Smart meter replacement   -   $145
    Manual smart meter download   -   $145

  • Will I continue to receive my lines company dividend or discount if I switch to Electric Kiwi?


    If you are the account holder when the a dividend discount is calculated, you will continue to receive the annual payment.
    • If you're on the Vector network you can find more information on the Entrust dividend website here

    • If you're on the Unison network you can find more information on the Unison dividend website here

    • If you're on the WEL network you can find more information on the WEL discount website here

  • I'm currently on a controlled plan - will this change when I sign up to Electric Kiwi?

    Controlled supply means that there is a separate electricity supply to your hot water cylinder which your lines company can switch off for short periods during the day. The lines company passes on a reduction in your bill when you allow appliances to be switched off, regardless of whether the supply is ever turned off or not.
    When you sign up to Electric Kiwi, we search the Electricity Authority's nationwide database to determine what set up you have.

    You'll automatically be allocated the best rates we have for this set up, which will mean your rates will be lower if you have controlled supply.

  • Why doesn't Electric Kiwi have separate day and night rates?

    Electric Kiwi uses smart meter data to optimise savings every 30 minutes and pass these savings onto customers. Day / Night rates are not optimised as often and can't offer great bonuses such as a free 'Hour of Power' each day.

    All electricity used during that hour is free. This means you choose an Hour of Power to best suit your lifestyle, without having to do any complicated calculations!

  • Why doesn't Electric Kiwi separate out the Electricity Authority Levy in its rates?

    A levy is charged by the New Zealand Electricity Authority to cover the cost of regulating the electricity industry. The charge is very small for domestic customers, so Electric Kiwi incorporates all levies paid on behalf of our customers into our simple headline rates to simplify our pricing and your bills.

  • Does Electric Kiwi offer a prompt payment discount?

    Electric Kiwi keep things simple by offering you low prices up front. This means the price you see is the price you pay.

    We don't offer any discounts or one-off join-up deals that cloud what the real price you'll pay.

  • What plans do Electric Kiwi offer?

    Anytime – Electricity is supplied to all appliances and outlets in your home 24 hours a day. 

    Economy or Saver – Normally there is separate electricity supply to your hot water cylinder which your lines company can switch off for short periods during the day. The lines company passes on a reduction in your bill when you allow appliances to be switched off, regardless of whether the supply is ever turned off or not.


    When signing up with Electric Kiwi, you are automatically set up with a plan based on your set up with your previous electricity provider. If you want to discuss changing your set up, just contact us to find out how.


  • How do I know Electric Kiwi electricity will be cheaper?

    Our data shows that 85% of people who enter a recent bill into our Bill Compare tool would save money by switching to Electric Kiwi. Some of our customers are saving up to 30% on their previous power bills, with the average saving being 10%.

  • Many big power companies raised prices on 1st April 2016, are Electric Kiwi?

    No Electric Kiwi will not raise prices in 2016. Electric Kiwi don't have large staff numbers, or bricks and mortar like the big power companies.

    Rather we're smaller and smarter. We buy power smarter and pass those savings directly on to you.

  • Low or standard user - which one should I choose?

    The Low User plan is generally the best option if you use less than 8000kWh per year, if you use greater than 8,000 kWh per year (it's 9,000 kWh in the lower South Island) then a Standard User plan is more cost effective.  But the choice is yours.

    Electric Kiwi performs an annual review of all its customers power consumption to ensure you are on the best plan, and will let you know if changing between the two would be beneficial for you.