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  • Loyal Kiwi plan – What is it? Is it a 12 month contract?

    About the 'Loyal Kiwi' plan
    On our Loyal Kiwi plans we offer you a better price today in exchange for your loyalty. To get these rates we ask you to stick with us for at least a year. The Loyal Kiwi plans are NOT a contract, there are no penalties if you leave, there are no catches, there are no legal tricks! We just take you on your word and trust you to keep it. We think this is an innovative and truly Kiwi way to do business. So, if you are loyal, talk to us about joining a Loyal Kiwi plan.

    Why do I have to commit to a year, I thought that you had no contracts?
    We don't have contracts, and our Loyal Kiwi plan is not a contract either. If you are willing to give us your word that you will stick around for one year, then we will take you on your word. We think that Kiwis are the kind of people that we can trust to keep their promises.

    Penalties? What happens if I break my promise and leave before 12 months is up?
    We get that life changes. If you have to leave then we understand, and there is no penalty. We’d like an honest reason why you’re going though. We think that to most Kiwis their word is worth more than a contract anyway.

    Why are you doing this?
    We don’t like contracts, but we do like loyal customers, so if you stick with us we can afford to give you a better rate. NZ was built on people giving their word, and their word being enough. We think this is a cool, Kiwi way, to do business.

    But I can’t commit – I might need to leave after 6 months
    That’s fine, we understand that some people don’t want commitments. That’s is why we have another plan that does not ask for that commitment from you. Our 'Kiwi' plan rates are very competitive too!