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Hour of Power

  • There must be a catch - is the Hour of Power actually Free?

    You are probably thinking what's the catch here, is the Hour of Power actually free?

    Yes. The Hour of Power is 100% free. Here's an explanation why.

    The price of electricity changes every 30 minutes. It's most expensive in a 'peak' time during the day - in the morning when people are getting ready for work; and in the evening when people arrive home from work.

    If you choose to use devices such as the dishwasher, washing machine, clothes dryer or any other device; and you activate it during a 'peak' time  - then it costs more to buy that power than if you used the device in an off peak time. So we want you to use electricity in the Hour of Power outside of a 'peak' time. As electricity used in a peak time costs us all, and the country more money!

    Why does a peak cost us all more you ask?
    During 'peak overload' times, such as during a cold snap in winter the 'peak load' gets too much for the day-to-day national infrastructure. Everyone wants to use power at the same time as it might be really cold, but not enough electricity can be generated to support us all. So a standby electricity generation plant has to start to prevent the national grid shutting down. It costs lots of money to start and keep these standby generation plants maintained - only to be started a handful of times a year.

    Let's not start the standby plants!
    By using the Hour of Power you help reduce the 'peak' demand on the national infrastructure. By all banding together, we can stop using standby electricity generation plants.

    So there is no catch - go ahead and put that load on us!