We're saving two precious Kiwi resources. Time and money.

We keep things simple so signing up is short and sweet. Just like your bill will be...

Awesome online service

Our friendly humans are ready to help at the click of a button. We’ll sort your queries asap via Live Chat, email or Facebook - or if you prefer old-school style just request a call back.

Lower every day prices.

No limited time offers or special deals. Just low prices, 365 days a year. Simple as.

Switching simplified.

We know people put changing power suppliers in the ‘too hard basket’. So we’ve made switching to Electric Kiwi super-easy. Just enter your details on our website and we take care of the rest.

We've got you covered.

We use the same power network as the big companies, without the big prices. We connect with our customers through smart technology, which lets us deliver you low prices. It’s the same power, just better.

No lock down

Everyone gets our best rate from the day you sign up. Plus there are no contracts, no sign up fees and no break fees. It's power without the OW!

Hour of Power

We've created an easy way for you to save money every day. You get 60 minutes of free power every single day of the year. Choose your hour, set some timers and power up!