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Contacted customer support to make a change to my account - had a reply within 2 minutes! Friendly, quick and helpful. Thanks team!


from Auckland saved 15% in his Hour of Power in a September bill


Electric Kiwi is such a good power company - so helpful and fast to get back to you. Also good being able to track how much power you use through the mobile app. The Hour of Power is saving me so much every day. I'd definitely recommend them!


from Auckland saved 30% in his Hour of Power in a September invoice


About 2.5 years in and still finding Electric Kiwi awesome! So happy with the price difference. Love the free Hour of Power each day - I set it for 9-10PM and do all the laundry, dishwashing, and heating during that hour!


saved $33.76 on an invoice in September


Awesome! Best service I've experienced with any power company. Fast and reliable!


from Wellington saved 24% in her Hour of Power in a September bill