Our ads

We’re lucky to have some super creative staff behind the camera, and some brave individuals in front of it.

Electric Kiwi decided to give the big agencies a miss, roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.

It’s been an epic adventure with more than a few late nights!

Backyard cricket

Back for summer 2023 with the help of our pals at Mukpuddy. Making broadband better since 2022.

No singing this time

Just in case you forgot! We’re still offering a great deal on broadband. Check out our broadband page for the latest.

Move and save

What better way to share our MoveMaster plan with the world than via another song? By the way we offer a pretty mint deal on broadband too!

Summer tune

After a turbulent 2021, our friends Mukpuddy Animation Studio helped us make sure you wouldn’t be without the Electric Kiwi song over summer.

Here to help

With Summer 2020 full flow, it was off to Little Wilderness to film the next installment of the Electric Kiwi song.

More new faces in on the fun and our biggest production yet.

Bus sing-along

Spring 2020 and the Electric Kiwi song had now become the ear-worm of the nation.

But it wasn’t loved by all, including the bus driver on the Kiwiland express.

The Electric Kiwi song

Autumn 2020 and New Zealand was in need of a little pick me up.

Originally coined at our end of year shindig, this number struck a chord with Kiwis.

The perfect campsite

Back to the beach, this time with the family in tow.

The perfect campsite isn’t guaranteed this summer, but with Electric Kiwi your savings are.

Join my club?

No tricks or joining offers - just the best deal we can do straight off the bat.

Our first ad featuring only kids of our staff & we reckon they smashed it!


Some days things don’t go to plan, but us Kiwis find a way to make everything awesome anyway.

Even when we leave the chilly bin at home.


A new face in the mix, we made our way down to our local indoor playground for this one.

No toasters were harmed in the making of this advertisement.

No contracts

Everyone knows that friends don’t need paperwork.

Chrispy returns to screen, looking to make a new friend - fortunately fully clothed this time!


Undies or togs? Some say the debate is still raging to this day.


One for you, one for me. Great presents are not guaranteed, but our savings are.