Reduce carbon by using power off-peak

29 June 2022

Our MoveMaster plan is all about encouraging you to shift power usage away from peak periods to off-peak times when you’re more likely to be using renewable energy.

Save on pool costs with MoveMaster

07 June 2022

Our MoveMaster plan is perfect if you have a swimming pool because you can run your pump overnight and take advantage of our half price rates.

Making things better

31 May 2022

We don’t just care about offering our customers great deals, we believe in improving the energy and broadband markets for all Kiwis. And we’ve had lots of success.

The amazing young STEM student we’re stoked to support

24 May 2022

Let us introduce you to the inspirational young woman we’re thrilled to be supporting through the Electric Kiwi-AUT Women in STEM Scholarship.

Master the
Hour of Power

19 May 2022

The team at Electric Kiwi have come up with their best tips for getting the most from your Hour of Power.

Guess who’s broadbanding now?

07 Dec 2021

Electric Kiwi is now in the broadband business. So let’s talk about contracts, exit fees and expiring discounts, because they’re rubbish and we’re not going anywhere near them.

Let’s be frank, Frank. You’re not Frank, you’re Genesis.

01 Dec 2021

Here’s our take on why the big energy companies create smaller brands to make you think they’re all cute and cuddly. But we see through it.

Solar 101

27 Oct 2021

If you’re considering installing a solar system, an important step is to understand how much money you could save.

Appliance Usage Guide

26 Oct 2021

Ever wondered how much energy your household electrical appliances actually use?

Become a Master Mover

17 Sep 2021

Some quick tips for becoming a master of moving power to off-peak. Moving power off-peak can help reduce your impact on the environment & infrastructure.

On the MoveMaster plan, it can help you save money too!

Dogs, Cake and Solid Scrum

30 Apr 2021

Roger is our CEO Luke's Golden Labrador. Allan is a long-haired Weimaraner is the reigning NZ Office Dog of the year (an actual award). Bean is a Brindle Staffy. All three of them, along with our other furry friends have made themselves quite at home in our office.

Independent Power Beer

16 Mar 2021

Yeah, that’s right. We’ve finally reached peak collaboration and teamed up with the best brewery in New Zealand (in our opinion), to create a summery-themed NZ India Pale Ale, just in time for Winter.

Luke Blincoe - not your typical CEO

21 Sep 2020

He’s not just the guy with the impressive beard and smooth baritone voice, he’s also our boss. But Luke Blincoe isn’t cut from the same cloth as other CEO’s, and we reckon you’d enjoy getting to know him a bit better.

Why contracts are sneaky and why we don't have them

12 Apr 2019

When you agree to stay with your electricity provider for a fixed term, you are gambling.

Prompt Payment Discounts were never any good

7 Apr 2019

Why it's great they seem to be disappearing, and why we never had them anyway.

Why winbacks aren’t actually good for consumers

5 Apr 2019

Win-backs refer to when you decide to switch for a better deal, but then suddenly your old electricity retailer decides they love you after all and whip out an amazing deal to convince you not to leave. Sneaky

Electric Kiwi wins a 2018 Peoples Choice Award

1 Aug 2018

Making our customers happy is the reason we turn up to work.

Have a crack at our ad and win a year's free power

1 June 2018

Here is your challenge: Re-make our Fresh Electrons TV ad and you will go in the draw to win a year's free power.

What is more Kiwi than a Buzzy Bee?

1 Apr 2018

A research study on Kiwi identity

How to cut down your winter power bill

20 Jul 2017

As we head in to winter, check out Electric Kiwi's top 5 tips on how to cut down your power bill.

Winners of Customer Service Award

19 May 2017

We’re very happy to announce Canstar Blue has awarded Electric Kiwi the 2017 Most Satisfied Customers Award – Electricity Providers.

Choose when you pay - you asked and Electric Kiwi listened.

10 Apr 2017

In a recent customer survey, you said you wanted more flexible payment options so we delivered just that!

Households told to shop around for better power deal

1 Mar 2017

Households are being warned: Get set for power price increases.

3 ways we’re using smart technology to save you money

10 Jun 2016

We started Electric Kiwi because we saw a gap for a power company that could maximise smart technology to save New Zealanders money on their electricity bills.

Rain-soaked summer may be a blessing for power bills

20 May 2016

Susan Edmunds in writes about how the rain we've had this summer may be a blessing for power bills.

The easiest money saving tip you'll get this year

16 May 2016

The numbers are out. In 2015 a record number of New Zealand consumers (419,000) switched their electricity provider, resulting in potential savings of more than $24 million.

We're in the age of customer power - NZBusiness

10 May 2016

Electric Kiwi's managing director Julian Kardos talks to about how new technologies are enabling a new breed of customer pleasing businesses.

We're on a mission...

15 Apr 2016

When you’re new, you’ve got to be better.

The top 3 myths about switching power companies

10 Apr 2016

Is $162 worth a few minutes of your time?

How to get up to 20% of your power for free: 20 top tips

4 Mar 2016

Start off with these 3 easy power saving tips.

Who is the Mattrix?

25 Feb 2016

Meet Matt - our tech guru, making sure your Electric Kiwi experience is smooth sailing 24/7.

Smart meters power smart savings in counties - Manukau courier?

20 Feb 2016

Check out our latest write up in Thursday's Manukau Courier.

Electric Kiwi in Idealog magazine

11 Jan 2016

Idealog takes a look at the new generation of technology-focused electricity providers

Electric Kiwi in the NBR

10 Jan 2016

Our managing director Julian Kardos talks with Jenny Ruth from the National Business Review

Electric Kiwi in the Whakatane Beacon

5 Jan 2016

We're proud to now be able to offer our great value electricity in the place where it all began - Whakatane.

Electric Kiwi in - the 100% online electricity company

2 Jan 2016

Electric Kiwi's managing director Julian Kardos talks free power and doing electricity a "smarter way" with international power news website

Hello Whakatane! We’re bringing electricity home

12 Dec 2015

We are super chuffed to announce we’ve launched into a new region – Whakatane and the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

281 million reasons to switch power companies

15 Nov 2015

If all Kiwi households had switched to the cheapest electricity deal in their region last year, they could collectively have saved $281 million. That's a lot of flat whites.

2 minutes with Brad

1 Nov 2015

We have a quick chat with Bradford Stricker, Commercial Manager for Electric Kiwi.

3 easy steps to cutting your power costs by up to 15%

20 Oct 2015

Let’s face it – saving money can be hard work. That’s why we’ve used technology to make saving money on power really easy.

We won't slow you down: Awesome (non-robotic) ways to get in touch

13 Oct 2015

We know there’s oh, probably about 6 million things you’d rather do than spend time talking to your power company. We get it.

Axe photography and ironing

2 Oct 2015

How Escape Plan are making the most of free power.

Christchurch households switching on to free power

15 Sep 2015

We've recently started advertising in Christchurch to get the word out about Electric Kiwi and the free Hour of Power!

Electric Kiwi on the Paul Henry Show

4 Sep 2015

Electric Kiwi’s Hour of Power was front and centre in a story about innovative power offers on TV3’s Paul Henry Show last week.

2 minutes with Huia

1 Sep 2015

We thought it was about time we introduced ourselves properly.

2 minutes with Julian

25 Aug 2015

We thought it was about time we introduced ourselves properly. First up is Julian, our managing director.

Free power - what's the catch?

10 Aug 2015

Free power. For an hour. Every day.

5 reasons Electric Kiwi won't come knocking

8 Jul 2015

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Not us!

Electric Kiwi in the Bay of Plenty Times

7 Jul 2015

The Bay of Plenty Times has published a great article.

Free power: Why it's good for the country too

1 Jun 2015

Electric Kiwi has a smart way to help you save even more money. We call it the Hour of Power.

Electric Kiwi in the media: and Radio NZ

25 May 2015

“Electric Kiwi is different” says an article in – yep, we sure are!

2 ways to compare your power deal (without needing a PhD)

20 May 2015

Comparing electricity deals is not easy – especially when many companies offer cashback deals or multiple discounts that make it difficult to calculate which deal will leave you better off in the long run.

Moving? We've made it that little bit easier

8 May 2015

For many people, it’s only in the (often stressful) throes of moving house that they think about switching electricity providers.

Too easy: How to join Electric Kiwi in 2mins

5 May 2015

When starting Electric Kiwi, we knew that many people put switching electricity providers in the ‘too hard’ box. In doing so they were missing out on big savings.