We’re all about making things better - and our Electric Kiwi app was long overdue for some TLC, so we’ve revamped the app to make your experience much better. Here’s what’s new!

You can now make a payment and update your payment method in the app

We heard you! You wanted the ability to make a manual payment in the app (and be able to update your payment method) and it’s finally here. In the Account section of the app, there’s now a ‘Make a payment’ button - no need to jump on your laptop to top up your account.

We’ve upgraded the security of our platform

We’ve upgraded the underlying technology of our online account and app to a more modern and secure platform. Keeping up to date with the latest security upgrades helps us keep your data safe and sound!

Things are looking fresh!

Our visual style has evolved and we’ve updated the app’s design to reflect that. We take pride in our signature (in-house made!) artwork and design. As an added bonus, the new design allows us to make improvements and add new features much easier in the future. So we can keep serving up more of the stuff you love, even faster!

At this stage, the new app update will be optional. But as we will no longer maintain the old app, we’ll be retiring it shortly.

Once you’ve updated to the new app, you will be asked to login. If you’ve forgotten your password, don’t fret - you can easily reset it by clicking the ‘Forgot password?’ link. Remember: your password is the same for the online account and the app.

We’re working on even more new features in the app and we’re so excited to share them with you soon. In the meantime, if you need some help troubleshooting the app or have suggestions on how we can make it better, our team on live chat would be happy to help.