Here is your challenge. Re-make our Fresh Electrons TV ad and you will go in the draw to win a year's free power. The winner will be decided by a combination of comments supporting you on Facebook and an Electric Kiwi staff vote.

Here’s how it works
  • We are not expecting this to be flash, just grab your phone and shoot it.
  • You do not have to have any props or keep 100% to the script. Have some fun with it.
  • Upload your video to our Facebook page (either directly or by sharing a YouTube or Vimeo link)
  • Share the post with your friends and ask them to comment on that post. The comments contribute 50% to you winning!
  • The winner gets a year's free power (up to a value of $3,000)
  • Entries must be in by 12th August 2018
  • Comments will not be counted after 26th August 2018
  • The winner will be announced around 31st August 2018
The rules
  • No professionals. This is a competition for amateurs.
  • Entry is open to NZ residents and citizens.
  • You have to be a customer to claim the prize (you can join to do this).
  • Videos must not be longer than 45 seconds.
  • Your ad may not include defamatory content, offensive language, sexual content, discrimination against any individual or group.
  • Please make sure you own the rights to any material you post. As a general rule if you didn't make it don't use it.
  • We reserve the right to reject any ad in our sole discretion. Related to this, we should make it clear that we are the only people who can approve ads.
  • Please do not get bots to comments on your post. Fake looking comments will lead to disqualification.
Hints on how to win
  • Watch the ad and download the script
  • You don’t need to keep to the script, but try to get the general idea across (maybe your farmer is a fisherman, maybe the kid is the adult and the adult is the kid – feel free to mix it up)
  • Be funny and light hearted
  • Shoot your video landscape
  • You do not need to cover the whole ad if you don’t want to
  • Get your friends to comment
How to upload your video

We ask that you upload your video to our Facebook page

  1. Go to our Facebook page
  2. Either paste the link from your YouTube video into the “Write a post” section OR
  3. Press the Photo/Video button and upload your video directly
Supporting Material

Click here to download a zip file with some artwork/logos. Note that these are extra materials in case you want them.

How the points will work
  • 100 points will go to the video with the most supporting comments
  • Every other video will get their relative share of 100 points (e.g. if the highest number of comments was 200 and your video got 100 then you will get 50 points)
  • Your video will get a rating out of 100 by Electric Kiwi staff
  • The two scores are added together
  • The video with the most points wins

If you have any other questions send us a message at or send us a message on Facebook.