We bet you had no idea that we were brewing a beer.

Yeah, that’s right. We’ve finally reached peak collaboration and teamed up with the best brewery in New Zealand (in our opinion), to create a summery-themed NZ India Pale Ale, just in time for Winter.

We know it’s an odd pairing, a brewery and a power company. It almost sounds like the start of a bad joke, and we’re the first people to laugh, but we’re also smacking our lips at the delicious triple-hopped and New Zealand-centric ale that was born out of a mutual respect between two independently Kiwi brands.

Who are Behemoth Brewing?

Behemoth is the brainchild of beer connoisseur Andrew Childs, who founded the company just over seven years ago and has since produced over 250 different beers, sold the length of New Zealand and across the ditch. The winner of countless awards, anyone who enjoys a good quality beer will know the brand and most likely drink his craft.

Why the Beer Collab?

Our office fridge has always been stocked with Behemoth beer, to be enjoyed when the office is buzzing on a Friday arvo. Out comes the cornhole, the cards or the connect four and the tops pop off the beers as the team settles in for a bit of a knock-off celebration.

It was from one of these moments, towards the end of 2020, that the idea to brew our own beer came about. After the year we all went through, we felt a strong sense of connection to our home, Aotearoa. We reached out to Andrew at Behemoth, and after some deliberation and brainstorming, breathed life into our brew. We simply wanted to create something that represented both our brands and our stories, that regular Kiwis could enjoy.

And from this, the Independent Power NZ IPA was born. A love child of two independent and kiwi-as brands - one power and one beer - came together to create something pretty damn chur.

So, what next?

We send the beer out into the ether, and Kiwis buy it to drink it. A delicious, simple beer made for people who enjoy a good frothy. Made with hops from Motueka, Moutere and Taiheke, it has hints of citrus and pine and is just an honest delicious Kiwi ale.

The Independent Power IPA can be purchased from all good retailers from March 19th, until stocks run dry! Available at most New Worlds, Pak 'N Saves and Liquorlands for a limited time.