Knock, knock. Who’s there? Not us!

The latest Consumer New Zealand power company survey found that nearly two-thirds of Kiwis were cold-called or door-knocked by a power company in the last year.

You won’t find us interrupting your dinner to offer you our latest and greatest deal.

That’s because we don’t have any - our customers are already getting our best price. 
Electric Kiwi wasn’t included in the Consumer survey this year, as we only launched during the month the survey was undertaken. But we’ll definitely be taking note of what makes customers happy – and what doesn’t.

Consumer New Zealand says price remains the primary ‘pain point’ for consumers. 50 percent of respondents were “a bit concerned” and 26 percent were “very concerned” about the cost of energy their household used.

At Electric Kiwi, our only deal is ‘Low Prices Up Front’. Here’s what we mean:

1. No deals 

No multiple discounts or one-off join up offers to cloud the rates you’ll be paying long term. We put forward our best rate every time.

2. Simple low rates

Electric Kiwi has a very simple rate: pay for what electricity you use (per kWh unit) plus a fixed cost per day. 

3. GST included

Some companies show you their rates without GST added. We tell you the GST-included price, so there’s no surprises at bill time.

4. No bill shock

Your online customer account shows you exactly how much electricity you use each day, including a rolling tally of your electricity costs (and your savings through your free Hour of Power). Again, it adds up to no surprises come bill time.

5. Compare our prices

The Consumer survey found that 64 percent of consumers believed it paid to shop around. We’ve launched an easy-to-use Calculate Savings tool to help people to compare their current electricity deal with our prices. All you need is a recent bill and a minute of time.