If you’re an Electric Kiwi customer who also owns an electric vehicle… what a legend you are! And we’re happy to report that charging your EV in the wild has just got more convenient thanks to our new partnership with EV charging network operator ChargeNet.

As you know, we’re passionate about doing our bit for the environment, so we’re all about practical solutions that help encourage and incentivise positive change to support the green transition. That’s why we have teamed up with ChargeNet to allow customers to bill their remote EV charging sessions directly to their Electric Kiwi accounts and pay via their regular EK invoices, rather than paying on the day of each charging session.

We’ll also be working with ChargeNet to promote the benefits of our MoveMaster power plan which we recommend for EV owners because it offers cheap off-peak day rates, plus half-price overnight rates (11pm-7am). Doing your charging at night means you can be confident the power is coming from renewable sources, too. Everyone also gets access to our famous free Hour of Power.

With our MoveMaster plan and ChargeNet partnership, we’re delivering convenient and cost-effective solutions for EV owners.

What is ChargeNet?

ChargeNet is New Zealand’s nationwide electric vehicle charging network, with close to 300 locations across the north and south islands, plus many more to come. Its charging stations are strategically positioned up and down the land, so you can hit the road in your EV with confidence. With a ChargeNet DC rapid charger, you can usually expect to add a 100km range to your vehicle in about 15-30 minutes. You just need to create an account with ChargeNet and you’ll be ready to go.

The switch to electric vehicles is one of the most significant – but challenging – aspects of the green transition, but innovative technology companies like ChargeNet are providing practical solutions to keep us motoring ahead. That’s why we’re stoked to be working with them on this.

How does it work for EK customers?

Using ChargeNet’s stations is already easy after you’ve created your account, but instead of paying for each individual charging session right away, Electric Kiwi customers can instead choose to link their account and therefore have their costs added to their next energy invoice, so you can settle your payments with ChargeNet at the same time as paying for your power at home.

You will still pay the specific prices that come from each individual ChargeNet station, which will be conveniently detailed on each EK bill.

Maximise your EV savings

The truth is electric cars can be expensive to buy outright, but once that initial upfront investment has been made, you have a great opportunity to save in the long run compared to paying for petrol, as long as you’re getting good electricity rates.

Our MoveMaster plan will help drive those savings because it comes with cheaper off-peak rates, as well as half price rates overnight (11pm-7am). Charging at night also means you’re more likely to be using energy generated from renewables and therefore doing your bit for the environment. Charging at a cheaper price really does make it win-win.

MoveMaster is also the perfect plan to power your swimming pool pump or heated spa overnight. And the more power usage you can move off-peak – like washing machines and dishwashers – the more you stand to save.

Head over to our ChargeNet page to learn more about the partnership and how to subscribe.


Cheaper off-peak power and half price overnight (11pm-7am). Plus an epic solar buyback.

Moving power off-peak can reduce your impact on the environment, so it helps your wallet and the planet.