We pride ourselves in delivering the best service to our customers - after all, our mantra is to ‘make it better’. With that, we are stoked to announce that Electric Kiwi is this year’s winner of Canstar’s Most Satisfied Customers award in the electricity category!

We’ve been upfront about wanting to make things better for all Kiwis, not just our customers. We’re not afraid to call out the big guys or the industry in general when needed. We’ll take this award as a sign that our customers believe we’re on the right track. We walk the talk and deliver a no BS approach - apparently, just how our customers like it.

You may come across the question “Who’s the best power provider?” from time to time. Some may assume it’s about the battle of the cheapest, or interpret it as a question as to who’s the most reliable. In terms of the actual power itself, no matter which company you’re with, they’re all of the same quality. Electricity all comes from the same grid - which means if you’re experiencing a blackout, chances are your neighbours who are with other electric companies are out of power too. So when you’re looking for a power company, you might as well choose a business that provides the best power plan for your household and also comes with excellent customer service!

One of the ways we are trying to ‘make it better’ is with our time-of-use plan, Movemaster. We’ve been pretty vocal about the importance and benefits of load shifting, which we think is one of the most important ways our customers can support the energy transition and help to keep power prices lower for all kiwis. The MoveMaster plan offers cheaper off-peak rates, as well as half price power overnight (11pm - 7am) so it’s ideal for households that charge EVs, use heat pumps overnight, or simply want to save money by shifting their power usage.

We’re stoked to win this award. Apparently, the no BS approach really works for our customers.

As well as being rated the best of the bunch for customer satisfaction, we’re also keen to make things fairer for customers so we don’t have any contracts, exit fees or sneaky notice periods. You can also bundle your broadband with us and get quality service for both power AND broadband. (Yes, we also provide broadband. And yes, we also won an award for that this year!)

What’s the Canstar Blue award all about?

Canstar Blue is a professional research agency that helps consumers make better purchasing decisions. They ask for feedback about their experiences and translate those answers into star ratings. This feedback comes from a group of consumers that represents the general population in New Zealand. This year, Canstar Blue surveyed 5046 New Zealand customers, and the outcomes reported are from respondents who pay bills on an electricity account, in this case, it’s 3319 respondents. So, it's not just about popularity, but a real measure of how people feel about their service providers. That's why we think this award is very important.

It is Electric Kiwi’s third win of this award, which is a testament to our consistently excellent customer service, according to Canstar New Zealand General Manager Jose George. “It’s brilliant to see Electric Kiwi taking home this win again - they’re a great local company, and their repeated wins of this award show they offer consistently excellent service. Congratulations to the team!”


Cheaper off-peak power and half price overnight (11pm-7am). Plus an epic solar buyback.

Moving power off-peak can reduce your impact on the environment, so it helps your wallet and the planet.