Current Promotional Terms and Conditions

Electric Kiwi is currently running these promotions.

  1. Guaranteed savings
  2. Refer-a-friend

1. Promotional special terms – Guaranteed savings

Effective from 21 October 2016
These special terms apply to any of our customers who sign up while this promotion is live (Guaranteed Customers).

If you are a Guaranteed Customer we guarantee that you will save a minimum of $1 during your first year as our customer (the Guaranteed Period) compared to the cost you would have paid for electricity during that period based on the price plan calculated by us in accordance with clause 1.2 (your Benchmark Price Plan).

Your Benchmark Price Plan will take into account matters such as whether you are a standard or low user, and whether you have controlled hot water or not. If your previous retailer gave you an invoice discount (including prompt payment discounts), we will include your discount in our calculations, but we do not include any discounts provided for bundled or alternative services including but not limited to dual fuel or broadband discounts. If your previous retailer changes its pricing during the Guaranteed Period, we may allocate an adjustment to the Benchmark Price Plan to reflect the change by your previous retailer. If you are moving to a new property or, were on wholesale/spot pricing or a pre-pay pricing plan prior to switching to us, we will compare your total spending against the biggest retailer (based on customer numbers) in your area. If the biggest retailer in your area changes its pricing during the Guaranteed Period, we may allocate an adjustment to the Benchmark Price Plan to reflect the change by the biggest retailer in your area.

If the past electricity invoice provided to us by a Guaranteed Customer (in accordance with clause 1.8.a) has multiple consumption (per kWh) rates, we will calculate a single benchmark consumption rate for that Guaranteed Customer based on the consumption weighted averages of these rates.

The Benchmark Pricing Plan calculated by us will include all Electricity Authority levies passed through to the Guaranteed Customer by their previous retailer.

If, for any reason, your metering changes during the Guaranteed Period, we will use all reasonable endeavours to re-calculate the rates you would have paid with your previous retailer using the appropriate Benchmark Pricing Plan, taking into account your new configuration.

If you move house within your 1st year as a customer, the Guaranteed Period will reset and restart from the move in date at the new property. In this instance, the Benchmark Price Plan will be based on the biggest retailer in your area as per clause 1.2.

If you are a Guaranteed Customer, we will:

  1. calculate your appropriate Benchmark Pricing Plan in accordance with these special terms; and
  2. communicate to you, via the My Account section of our website, the savings you have made at that point in time during the Guaranteed Period for your electricity consumption by switching to Electric Kiwi, compared to your Benchmark Price Plan.

To enable us to calculate the applicable Benchmark Pricing Plan for Guaranteed Customers, each Guaranteed Customer agrees to either:

  1. provide us (within 30 days of completing the sign up process) with a past electricity invoice, showing the same Low or Standard User plan configuration as that assigned to you by Electric Kiwi, dated within the previous two calendar months and relating to the Property, for its current or previous electricity rates; or
  2. authorise us, via your acceptance of these special terms, to allocate it to what we believe (acting in good faith) is the most appropriate Benchmark Price Plan based on whether it is a low or standard user, and if it has controlled hot water at the Property.

We will maintain a table of current electricity prices for open-term contracts, updated quarterly, of the retailers in the areas we serve. For Guaranteed Customers who do not provide us with a past electricity invoice, or whose previous electricity supply was not provided under an open-term contract, we will default that Guaranteed Customer's Benchmark Price Plan to the largest retailer in that Guaranteed Customer's area (based on customer numbers).

If you are a Guaranteed Customer, at the end of the Guaranteed Period, your savings (when compared to your applicable Benchmark Price Plan) are less than $1, we will, subject to clause 1.12, credit your account with the difference between your actual savings and $1. Guaranteed Savings account credit is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.

We will not be required to make any payments under clause 1.10 if:

  1. we reasonably believe that the rates shown on your past electricity bill are not genuine; or
  2. at the end of the Guaranteed Period, your account is overdue by 30 days or more.

For the avoidance of doubt, while we will continue to provide you with a summary of your savings (compared to your applicable Benchmark Price Plan) after the Guaranteed Period ceases, the Guarantee will not apply, and no credit will be applied, in any following year.

The Guarantee does not apply if you cease to be our customer during the Guaranteed Period.

2. Promotional special terms – Refer-a-friend

Effective from 1 August 2019
These special terms apply to our customers who complete a Refer-a-friend join application or send a Refer-a-friend referral link.

Completing the Refer-a-friend join application or sending a Refer-a-friend referral link is deemed acceptance of these special terms.

The Refer-a-friend account credit is available to any customer (Referring Customer) with an active account and no overdue debt owing to us at the time the referral is sent.

The new customer referred to us (Referred Customer) must complete the Refer-a-friend join application and the sign up process via a unique website link made available to each Referring Customer. A Referred Customer can only be referred once.

The Refer-a-friend account credit will be applied as a single credit 30 days after the Referred Customer's switch to us is complete. Both the Referring Customer and the Referred Customer must be an active customer of ours 30 days after the Referred Customer's switch to us is complete for the account credits to be applied.

From time to time, we may place limits on the number of customers a Referring Customer may refer in a particular period.

Account credits can only be used to offset invoiced charges and are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

Any remaining account credit available at account closure will be forfeited.

If a Customer closes their account with us and re-joins within 12 months, the Refer-a-friend account credit will not be available.

If a Referred Customer closes their account with us within 3 months of joining, the Referred Customer will have their account credit reclaimed by us and we reserve the right to reclaim the Referring Customer's account credit.

We retain the right to determine whether a Refer-a-friend is genuine and valid at our sole discretion. Any Refer-a-friend links that have been published on a public forum will be deemed invalid. If a Refer-a-friend is deemed to be invalid, we can cancel the account credit at any time.

We abide by the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 and any Customer must not use Refer-a-friend to engage in spamming activities.

The Refer-a-friend unique website link may be distributed by the Referring Customer to his or her friends. However, the Refer-a-friend unique website link must not be used in paid advertising, in any form, by the Referring Customer.