If all Kiwi households had switched to the cheapest electricity deal in their region last year, they could collectively have saved $281 million. That's a lot of flat whites.

That's just one of the stats in the Electricity Authority of New Zealand's (EA) annual number-crunch of the residential power market, released on 28 July.

The EA says on average, Kiwi households could have saved $162 last year by switching to the cheapest power company.

Those with the most to gain from switching were folks from the Bay of Plenty, with $318 worth of average annual savings.

Estimated annual savings by region

  • Bay of Plenty - $318
  • Otago - $188
  • Wellington - $177
  • Taranaki - $161
  • Canterbury - $150
  • Waikato - $147
  • Auckland - $136

Whether it’s $100 or $300, it’s definitely worth spending a minute or two checking out whether you could be better off.

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