Electric Kiwi launched in Whakatane and the Eastern Bay of Plenty

We are super chuffed to announce we’ve launched into a new region – Whakatane and the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

Whakatane holds a pretty special spot in our hearts as it’s the hometown of the founders of Electric Kiwi.  Julian, Huia, and Phill all grew up in this awesome town and went to Whakatane High School together there.

Which gave us even more reason to do high fives when we saw that that independent price comparison website Powerswitch has ranked Electric Kiwi as the best value power deal in the area.

You can do a direct comparison with your current power deal by using our quick Calculate Savings tool – all you need is a recent bill.

Connecting to electricity with the smaller, smarter power company

You need to have a smart meter to sign up to Electric Kiwi’s low prices.

Specialist metering companies have installed these in around 70% of Kiwi homes so far – though unfortunately the number is lower in Whakatane. However, the plan is to have nearly every home in NZ kitted out in the next few years. So, if you don’t have one yet, hold tight!

The easiest way to find out whether you have a smart meter is to check it out in our  Join page by entering your address – a message will pop up immediately to let you know whether you have one.

Why only smart meters?

We’d love to have everyone on board, but there’s two very good reasons we need you to have a smart meter:

  1. Maximising the technology behind smart meters helps Electric Kiwi to run a very efficient operation – all pretty boring, except it means we can deliver low electricity prices to you all.
  2. Smart meters record a household’s power use every half hour, so we use this information to provide our customers with extra savings through their Hour of Power – a free 60mins of electricity every day for every customer. On average our customers receive around 8-10% of their power for free, just by using electricity during their free hour.

If you’ve got any questions about whether you can join Electric Kiwi, check out our FAQs or just drop our friendly team a line via Live Chat, request a callback or email us to info@electrickiwi.co.nz.