We love hearing about the different ways our customers are using their free daily Hour of Power. Check out how Kiwi start-up Escape Plan is making the most of theirs.

Meet Escape Plan

Escape Plan is an online store selling high-quality men’s streetwear and outdoor brands to the world from Auckland, from great New Zealand brands like Huffer to top-quality outdoor gear from The North Face. These kindred entrepreneurial spirits are good friends of ours, and we’ve been powering up their office/HQ since April 2014.

Escape Plan was started by three mates passionate about the outdoors and escaping the daily grind. From t-shirts to axes, the Escape Plan team curates a hand-picked selection of local and international gear for any adventure – whether it’s a weekend road-trip or 5-day hike into the back of beyond.

Just like Electric Kiwi, they’re out to give their customers a better deal and awesome online service. They’re out to do good too – every sale on Escape Plan supports Oxfam’s awesome work, by donating the value of giving clean drinking water to someone in the Pacific.

Not quite your typical Hour of Power...

Escape Plan’s chosen free daily Hour of Power is 2-3pm. 365 days a year, all power used by the business during this hour is absolutely free. Between 2-3pm, the team can be found charging cameras and devices or powering up lightboxes and studio lights to carefully photograph new products. They also flick on the iron to get any clothing that needs shooting that day looking its best.

“It’s important we get the very best quality high-res shots for our website, so our customers can see exactly what they’re buying” explains Escape Plan founder Alan. At the same time, all the usual power needed to keep their HQ and business ticking over (computers, lights, fridge, music, toastie machines etc) is free during their Hour of Power.

What they say

Being with Electric Kiwi has been awesome for us. Like most businesses, we run a tight ship when it comes to cash, and their sharp rates and great customer service have meant we’re investing our time and money into our customers rather than worrying about the bills. Plus we get the kicker of free electricity for an hour every day – which gets the finance team seal of approval!”