We know there’s oh, probably about 6 million things you’d rather do than spend time talking to your power company. We get it.

That’s why we’ve ditched a call centre for awesome online service.

Awesome online service is quick, convenient, personalised and means you don’t have to interrupt what you’re doing to hang on hold listening to painful music or a droning list of menu items.

Online service brings us unobtrusively to where you are – whether it’s via desktop when you’re at work, through mobile phones when you’re on the go, or on a tablet when you’re on the couch.

We’ve got three options – Live Chat, online message forms and email.

For those who fear robots are taking over the world, don’t worry – all our Chats and emails are penned by real people right here in our head office.

Below are three quick ‘n easy online ways to get in touch with Electric Kiwi:

Live Chat

During business hours you can Live Chat with us at any time. Simply click on the Live Chat icon which will appear on the bottom right of every page of our website. Pop in your enquiry and we’ll respond in real time.

Online message form

If you’re in more (or less) of a hurry, fill in our contact message form. We’ll get back to you asap and within one business day. (If you’re a customer, you can send us a support message directly from your account page).


You’re always welcome to email us at info@electrickiwi.co.nz- again, we’ll respond asap and within a working day.

And don’t forget….FAQs

The answer you’re looking for could be at your fingertips. Another very quick way to get information is through our FAQs. We’ve compiled over 50 commonly asked questions to all things electricity and Electric Kiwi related.

Don't worry - we’re not anti-phone!

Please know, while Electric Kiwi may not have a call centre for customer support, we will pick up the phone to call you if and when needed. Also, for power outages there are specific numbers to call dependent on the area you live in. Information on who to call can be found on our Contact Us page.