Home internet is about to get easier and fairer because Electric Kiwi is launching our own super-fast broadband service – and we’d love for you to join us!

We know everyone does it. But now we’re doing it. And we’re going to do it better. So, it’s a good time to start talking about how some internet providers like to trouser up to a month’s fee from customers even when they’re done using their service due to charging a month in advance, or having notice periods.

Electric Kiwi charges for broadband by the day, so there’s no way we’ll end up slugging you an extra month’s bill when you need to leave. Seems fair because it is.

Daily charging is simply the fairer way of doing things. Many of us will have experienced telcos trousering an extra month from us just because they can, but that doesn’t make it right.

And we have no business locking you into a contract with exit fees. Any telco with contracts and exit fees is still living in the dark ages. Everyone is over it. There’s no need for it. With Electric Kiwi, you have the freedom to leave whenever. We hope you stay with us, but we’re not going to make it difficult for you if you do decide to leave. We’ll just be a bit gutted.

Our broadband is only available to existing energy customers for now (give us chance) but we’ll be available to everyone before long. If you can’t wait, you can join for electricity today and get broadband at the same time.

Oh, and the modem and first month is on us,* just because we can. You just need fibre internet at your place.

Fast or faster? We’re offering two cool plans with no annoying data caps:

  • Sweet Fibre - $2.65/day (incl GST) average peak-time speed 100Mbps down & 20Mbps up.
  • Sweet As Fibre - $2.95/day (incl GST) average peak-time speed 800Mbps down & 500Mbps up.

We think the extra 30c per day is worth the upgrade, but not everyone needs it.

(Details above are correct as of November 2021 – if you’re reading this in the future, just check our pricing page for current deets).

Sure, when you’re switching providers it’s probably because you want to get away because of poor service or you’re moving home and just accept that final bill – but it still leaves a bad taste in the mouth, especially when you’re left with a large exit fee. We won’t do that to you.

We offer two simple prices, and they don’t expire after three months or whatever. We get that some broadband providers like the bait of cheaper upfront rates. But it’s just another example of a ‘loyalty tax’, as the loyal customers that don’t leave fund these discounts for new customers, and it’s not fair. So, we just have two simple rates for our new customers, old customers, and everyone in between.

Contracts, exit fees and expiring discounts are prehistoric stuff. We don’t and won’t lock anyone into contracts for our broadband or electricity products because we’re customers ourselves and we know they suck. We’d like to see all providers drop them, but if they don’t, people can come to us instead.

We’re partnering with Vocus to deliver our broadband services because they know the ropes and we think they’re the best option.

Get in touch and chat for more details about our broadband or energy. Thanks for reading.

*T&Cs apply