Meet Matt - our tech guru

Meet Matt - our tech guru, making sure your Electric Kiwi experience is smooth sailing 24/7.

What do you do at Electric Kiwi?

I wear a few hats here at Electric Kiwi. Technology is where I mainly sit and that includes helping with development, infrastructure, making sure that we are up and running 24/7, and troubleshooting.  I also help with marketing support where I can.

What do you like about working at Electric Kiwi

I’ve worked at a few places and I think the difference with Electric Kiwi is the smart people that are involved. There is a healthy amount of banter that keeps things fresh, but also a commitment to hard work and getting the job done. This along with a great work environment, and view, makes it a pleasure to get up and to work in the morning. There is never the feeling of ‘urgg I have to work today.’

What’s on the cards for 2016?

We are about to release some exciting new products which I am looking forward to our customers experiencing. I have a trip to Noosa planned with the family in June which will be fun.