Electric Kiwi was started by Julian Kardos, Phillip Anderson and Huia Burt.

Electric Kiwi is the independent online power company that has been helping Kiwis save money on power since May 2015.

We’re here to shake up the status quo – to use smart technology to make power cheaper, smarter and simpler for Kiwis. We’re here to keep the big power companies on their toes – and we think that’s a good thing, whether you decide to become a customer of ours or not!

Who is Electric Kiwi?

Electric Kiwi was started by Julian Kardos, Phillip Anderson and Huia Burt. The three friends and now workmates met back at Whakatane High School in the 90s before embarking on careers in technology and energy industries. Two years ago, they joined forces to begin working out a plan for a new generation power retailer – one that could maximise smart technology, digital metering and online systems to provide customers with low power prices every day, and innovative ways to boost their savings. And it’s happening: here’s 3 ways how:

1. Over $200 average savings

Over the last 8 months since we started taking on customers, our Calculate Savings tool has shown that our customers are saving on average $230 a year – and some much more – by joining Electric Kiwi.

2. Up to 20% free power

Our customers are boosting their savings with an innovation we call the Hour of Power – a free 60 minutes of off-peak power every customer receives every day. On average, Electric Kiwi customers are receiving 9% of their power for free, just by using electricity and running appliances during their free hour. Customers who are actively shifting more of their electricity use into the Hour of Power are getting 15- 20% (and even more!) of their power for free.

3. No waiting on hold

We’re providing awesome online service from our customer service team of friendly power experts. Our Live Chat, email, support messaging, social media and call back options cater to how you want to get in touch and get any queries sorted quick smart.

We’re excited for 2016. We’ll be working to make your power experience better, cheaper and introducing more Kiwi families to the Electric Kiwi difference.