Electric Kiwi’s managing director Julian Kardos talks to NZBusiness

Electric Kiwi's managing director Julian Kardos talks to NZBusiness.co.nz about how new technologies are enabling a new breed of customer pleasing businesses.

We’re in the midst of a technology-driven change of such significance that it’s being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution – and while it is technology that is driving change, it isn’t technology which is at the centre of focus. Instead, it is you, the customer. Technology is putting more power in your hands: power to choose, power to control, and power to manage.
That technology is as obvious as the smartphone in your hand, but it extends much further. Behind the device is an online world of computing power and clever software (in some cases, quite literally clever, as advances are being made in predictive analytics and artificial intelligence) which enables things like Siri to work. That technology was once exceptionally expensive and limited to the very few. Today, it is so accessible that it is given away to consumers for free, through the likes of Google services.

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