We believe the switch to electric vehicles is one of the most significant – but challenging – aspects of the green transition. EVs will become the norm in our low carbon future, so smart charging solutions are vital to ensure we’re powering them efficiently and effectively, for drivers as well as the planet.

That’s why we’re stoked to be working with leaders in smart EV charging, Evnex, to give Electric Kiwi customers a discount off their new charger (and installation), the option of an interest-free payment plan (subject to eligibility criteria) to pay it off, as well as access to our MoveMaster power plan which offers cheap off-peak day rates and half-price overnight rates (11pm-7am). Everyone gets access to our famous free Hour of Power, too.

The good folks at Evnex are on the same page with us in understanding the importance of shifting as much energy usage as possible away from peak periods when demand on the grid is greatest. Their smart charger means you can power your EV at the optimum time overnight when electricity is likely to be generated from cleaner energy sources, with the bonus of knowing you’re paying cheaper prices on MoveMaster, too.

With MoveMaster and Evnex, you have everything you need to charge your EV at off peak times when prices are lower, while doing your bit for the environment.

Why is smart EV charging important?

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, but as Kiwis gradually switch from petrol to electric, this is going to put more pressure on our energy infrastructure and potentially create larger or additional peak time demand as owners charge them. Innovative companies like Evnex are across all this, which is why they’ve designed their technology to help reduce the carbon footprint of New Zealand’s growing fleet of electric vehicles, because the greater the peak demand, the more likely dirty power generation is required to meet it.

Evnex are NZ owned and operated, and they’re as passionate about making things better for Kiwis as we are, that’s why we’re proud to be driving this opportunity forward with them.

So, what’s the deal?

For a limited time, Electric Kiwi customers can get $150 off Evnex's standard price for an installed Smart EV Charger, as well as the option to pay over 12 months via an interest free payment plan (eligibility criteria applies) via your EK electricity bill.

Evnex will manage the installation of your smart charging device. The total price of installation is determined by property types and installation costs, so Evnex will give you a specific quote.

Maximise your EV savings

It’s not cheap to buy an electric car, that’s for sure, but once that initial upfront investment has been made, you have a great opportunity to save in the long run compared to paying for petrol, as long as you’re getting good electricity rates.

Our MoveMaster plan can help drive those savings because it comes with cheaper off-peak rates, as well as half price rates overnight (11pm-7am). In addition to charging off peak and overnight when you can save on costs, you’ll also be using power at a time when it’s more likely to have come from renewable generation sources.

MoveMaster is also a great plan to power your swimming pool pump or heated spa overnight. And the more power usage you can move off-peak – like washing machines and dishwashers – the more you could potentially save.

Head over to our Evnex partnership page to learn more about their smart charger.

Terms and conditions apply


Cheaper off-peak power and half price overnight (11pm-7am). Plus an epic solar buyback.

Moving power off-peak can reduce your impact on the environment, so it helps your wallet and the planet.