Charge up with Electric Kiwi!

We’ve partnered with Evnex to make EV home charging accessible and efficient for our customers.

Get $150 off Evnex's standard price for an installed Smart EV Charger, plus the option of 12 months interest free.

Good for the planet,
and your wallet.

T&Cs apply

Move it & save

Cheaper off-peak rates and half price overnight (11pm-7am) on our MoveMaster plan. Perfect for charging your EV.

Moving power off-peak can save you money, and you’re also more likely to be using cleaner generation.

Our Evnex offer is only for customers on the MoveMaster plan, drop us a line if you’d like to make the switch.

Optimise your charging

Get the most from your EV smart charger with the Evnex app and our MoveMaster plan.

Schedule charging periods during cheaper off-peak periods, where the carbon emissions from electricity generation are generally lower.

Charge smart for less

Pay for your EV smart charger up-front, or add to your Electric Kiwi bill - interest free for up to 12 months.

Either way, you’ll receive $150 off Evnex's standard price for an installed Smart EV Charger.

T&Cs and eligibility criteria apply - limited time offer

Why use a smart charger?

As more and more Kiwis switch to EVs, demand for electricity increases. Smart chargers help to minimise the strain of EV charging on our energy infrastructure.

Check out our blog below for more info.


  • The peak time slots are between 7am-9am and 5pm-9pm daily.
  • The off-peak shoulder time slots are between 9am-5pm and 9pm-11pm every day.
  • The off-peak night time slot is between 11pm-7am daily.
  • Power used during off-peak night is half the price of peak.

Hour of Power

All Electric Kiwi customers get an hour of free off-peak power every day. It’s another great way to get rewarded for moving your power to off-peak!

One hour of EV charging every day, completely free.

Evnex FAQs

Just head over to the Evnex website and they will be able to provide a quote and get the ball rolling.

  • You can either pay in full directly with Evnex; or

  • Subject to eligibility criteria, Electric Kiwi can provide interest free payment terms over any period up to 12 months for up to $3,000 towards your Smart EV Charger and installation (it is very uncommon that installation + hardware is more than that). You may for example choose to pay half the cost over a 12 month period and the remainder upfront via your next EK bill.

Once you’ve received the quote from Evnex and given the go ahead for the installation, we will send you confirmation of your regular repayment amount. If you decide to take up our interest-free repayment plan offer, the amount to be paid for each invoice will be shown on the first page of your normal Electric Kiwi bill.

Sure can! You can make a one-off payment or pay it off completely at any point. Just get in touch with the team at and they will sort you out with all the required details.

It’s no secret that EVs will increase the demand for electricity. The national power grid has plenty of capacity to handle EV charging, but the available capacity is mostly during off-peak periods. Charging during peak times adds strain to the grid, and increases the likelihood that fossil fuels are needed to meet the demand.

EVs are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, but to maximise their benefit it’s important to charge during off-peak when when you are likely to be using electricity from cleaner generation. Our MoveMaster plan gives you even more incentive to charge during off-peak, with cheaper off-peak rates and half price overnight (11pm-7am).

Definitely! In fact we’d recommend it. The Evnex app is the place to go to see real-time charger usage and control your charger. You can download the app via the Apple and Google Play stores.

Using the Evnex app you’ll be able to set your charger to kick in during off-peak times. This makes the most of your cheaper off-peak rates on the MoveMaster plan and increases the likelihood you’ll be using cleaner power generation. You can also set your charger to prioritise using your home solar generation if you have it! Check out the Evnex website for more info.

Currently Electric Kiwi accounts need to be under an individual name rather than a business - so this offer is only for personal residences. You’re welcome to contact Evnex for your business needs, however your business wouldn’t be eligible for our interest free repayment plan offer or the $150 off Evnex's standard price for an installed Smart EV Charger.

Evnex chargers are compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands, and their team will let you know all the nitty gritty details.

If there’s anything not covered here, then please get in touch with Evnex and they will be able to get you sorted.

Pair that with the MoveMaster plan which allows you to charge your EV overnight during off-peak times (between 11pm and 7am) with half price power. It feels like a perfect fit! Especially when you’re also more likely to be using cleaner generation during those times.

We get that things come up. If you need to close your Electric Kiwi account with us, just get in touch with us on live chat and we’ll give you the details on how to clear your amount owing for your charger (and any other outstanding charges) before switching away. You will still be bound to repay any amounts owing under any repayment plan you have with us.

If you have any problems with your charger, or even if you’re just wanting a helping hand - you can reach out to Evnex directly on their website. Note we are not the supplier of the product and are not responsible for the installation/ongoing servicing etc.

If you fail to make the required repayments on time, at our discretion, we may instruct Evnex to deactivate your charger (don’t worry, we will be in touch before this happens). We may reactivate this as soon as the appropriate repayments have been made. Please be sure to get in touch so that we can action this quickly.