Households told to shop around for better power deal as prices rise -
In the media1st March 2017
Power companies blame some of the price rise on lines companies. Photo by Simon Maude, Stuff

It’s that time of year where power companies consider increasing the price of power to their customers.

A recent article in by Susan Edmunds suggests if you’re not happy with your retailer and their pricing it’s easy to switch.

Households are being warned: Get set for power price increases.
Lines companies around the country review their prices each year on April 1. That is often a catalyst for the retailers to hike their own.
Vector, the lines company that serves much of Auckland, is raising the average distribution component of its prices by 0.8 per cent. Wellington and Christchurch distributors are yet to reveal their plans.
Luke Blincoe, chief executive of Electric Kiwi, said his firm would not pass on any increases in lines company charges. He said the increases this year were small, and the company would look at how to better leverage data and technology to absorb the cost.

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