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Electric Kiwi Services

  • I have bottle or mains gas with my existing power company, can I still switch?

    You can still join to Electric Kiwi if you have gas. Electric Kiwi do not supply household gas mains, or bottles to your property. Your existing gas supply will remain depending who you're with. Check the table below to see what providers will support a 'Gas only service'. If they do, then you're good to go. Simply join and we'll take care of the rest. Electric Kiwi will contact your current provider to let them know you're switching electricity.

       Company           Gas only service          No gas only service  
    Contact      X       
    Energy Online             X
    Genesis      X       
    Mercury Energy               X
    Nova      X       
    Trustpower      X       

    If your current provider does not support a 'Gas only service', you'll need to find another gas provider while changing to Electric Kiwi.