Customer Care Policy

At Electric Kiwi we are a customer focused business, so we believe in keeping things fair and simple. As electricity and broadband are essential services, it is important we do as much as we can to help you maintain access to your supply of electricity and internet. We commit to;

Working with our customers in a respectful, collaborative and constructive way to ensure that the delivery of energy continues to contribute to their wellbeing.

Providing understandable, timely, clear and accessible communication to our customers and any consumers we interact with.

We recognise that electricity supply makes an essential contribution to you and your whānau’s wellbeing and want to make sure:

  • you’re treated with care and respect in every interaction with us;
  • we communicate with you in a timely and clear fashion;
  • you have every opportunity to be on the best pricing plan to meet your needs;
  • you are aware of principal factors that may affect the performance of a service - ie you are provided information and assistance regarding outages;
  • we understand your situation and are proactive in offering assistance;
  • we work with you in a collaborative and constructive manner to solve problems;
  • we work with you to resolve payment difficulties and, with your permission, can link you to one or more support agencies or social agencies to assist you;
  • we work with you to try to keep your electricity and broadband connected if you are having payment difficulties;
  • we learn from our experiences to continually improve our support processes.

We understand that difficult and distressing situations may arise and to support you during these times we commit to:

  • seeking your agreement for referrals to support/social agencies should you experience payment difficulties;
  • allowing you reasonable time to receive assistance from support/social agencies without incurring a financial penalty from us;
  • working with support/social agencies and health agencies (including those nominated by you) cooperatively, constructively, and in a timely manner;
  • aligning our practices with any protocols agreed between retailers and support/social agencies or health agencies, within appopriate timeframes of those protocols being published on the Electricity Authority or NZ Telecommunications Forum website.

We aim to make sure that all customers have access to support in a way that:

  • avoids disparate outcomes arising, from such things as differences in language, ethnicity, educational achievement, culture, gender, physical or intellectual ability, age, health, income, wealth and with transparent support options; and
  • we will clearly explain to you all fees and bonds charged to you relating to your supply of energy and telco; and
  • we will disclose information in accordance with industry codes and guidelines, enabling monitoring of our alignment with and how well we achieve the desired outcomes.

To help you make decisions about which pricing plan suits you, we can tell you about your electricity or internet consumption.

We make a conscious effort to inform our customers of our customer care policy which is provided during signup and on our website.

If you have any questions relating to our customer care policy please do not hesitate to contact our customer experience team through live chat. Or alternatively visit the Electricity Authority and NZ Telecommunications forum websites for more information.

If you want to give us any feedback you can get in touch with our team. If you have a complaint or dispute you would like to raise you can talk to us directly or alternatively contact Utilities Disputes for complaints regarding electricity, and Telecommunications Dispute Resolution for complaints regarding Telco.

This policy will be reviewed at least every two years in line with the Consumer Care Guidelines.

Full terms and conditions for the services we provide can be found below: